Sales and Marketing

How we help you:

Our TEAM is technically trained (Engineering; Environmental Sciences) and has over 70 collective years of sales, marketing, manufacturing, and engineering experience. The staff's experience includes training people on Technical subjects as well as Management Training and Training program development. We have held titles when in the corporate world such as Market Development Manager; New Business Development Manager; Product Development Consultant; Market Development Specialist; Director of EHS;  and Director of Sales and Marketing.


Manufacturing process improvement in a Manufacturing Operation

 Production manufacturing process refinement experience to produce a product that had sustainability in the markets of choice. Project eliminated the need to increase the size of the production line/equipment while maintaining their market leadership position by optimizing the process.

Product Development while accomplishing waste minimization

Being able to recognize the need for product development to capture new markets and contribute to product sustainability and market penetration. This reduced the volume of a waste stream while capturing new markets and produced new products for sale as well.

New Market Development

Being able to “read the signs” of market need and developing a product modification to meet that need. Designing a technical, manufacturing, and sales and marketing program to accomplish the task. Recognizing market need and translating that to in-plant product improvement thereby allowing a market shift to higher-value-in-use market sales while doubling the product sale price in existing markets as well.

Market Sustainability 

Faced with product obsolescence project to study an existing market, analyze where changes can be safely and effectively made to maintain market sustainability, design the program, oversee the network of disciplines to accomplish the task, and effectively change the market and increase product sales and sales price. Successfully converted old markets to new markets thereby sustaining the product viability while uncovering a need for new products as well.

TEAM Consulting, Inc.

Areas in the Sales & Marketing arena we will work:

- Development of Marketing Strategies

- Tactics versus Strategies 
-  Product/Service Positioning
- Selling for Success