Workforce Development

How we help you; the PRO-ACT System

P – Proactive-Performance based goals, Profitability, Praise, Professional approach

R – Root cause, Re-enforcement of good behavior, Repeatability

O– Observation with Objective feedback

A- Actions, Attitude, Accountability

C – Continuous and Consistent Cultural improvement, Core value basis, Communication

T – Technology, Tools, Training, Team building

I. Introduction to PRO-ACT

Many business systems/models struggle to operate at peak performance when sustainability is not built into the approach. This is a common pitfall and can be avoided when properly planned for. We provide the experience, knowledge and “know how” to ensure effective system implementation, sustainability, and communication.

​In a perfect world, employees would manage and motivate themselves, arriving at the office with engines revving. Unfortunately, workers will often coast to neutral or even reverse without constant doses of managerial brilliance! The most effective means to motivate your workers will depend on the type of behavior you want to encourage, your budget and your employees. Our Training system focuses on a step-by step building process (the PRO-ACT system) in a Module Format that can be professionally applied to any business environment. This process includes assessing the needs of the company with the use of inventory tools; providing educational group and/or individual training, intense group interaction/role playing; establishing benchmarks and monitoring feedback and progress to determine program effectiveness.


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Why implement the PRO-ACT approach?

Generate and Promote Success-building behaviors - Motivation encompasses the psychological forces within a person that determine the direction of the person's behavior in an organization, the person's level of effort, and the person's level of persistence in the face of obstacles. Employees are your number one resource, so why not fine-tune their performance and make your company more profitable? Here's a sneak peak of what the PRO-ACT system has in store for you!

I. Goal Setting for Business Culture Development

         a. Improve Profitability (Achieve Savings)

         b. Become a Leader in your Industry

         c. Building your Asset Base by Empowering your Employees

         d. Building a Partnership for Improvement

         e. Improve Employee Involvement/ Awareness

II. Culture Changing Training

         a. Employee Buy-In, Get them to commit to your Vision!

         b. Infective Communication- Make the employees want to communicate

         c. Unlock the potential in your people

         d. Team Philosophy

         e. Winning Negotiating Techniques

         f. Psychology of Buying and Selling