R2: 2013 

Responsible recycling

   Electronic recyclers are encouraged to become R2: 2013 certified.  Gaining this certification shows customers that you are using safe recycling processes, properly managing your recycling stream, and are environmentally conscious. Along with the R2: 2013 certification, the new standard requires certification to both ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 or to RIOS. Acquiring certification to these standards accents R2: 2013 and promotes Occupational, Health and Safety and Environmental Management. These management systems along with R2: 2013 will help maximize safe recycling, minimize work place hazards and encourage responsible e- waste management throughout your recycling stream.

 Why your company should want to get registered:

  • Reduce environmental and human health impacts from improper recycling

  • Reduce workers compensation costs by implementing a strict OH&S policy

  • ​Ensure that Downstream Vendors meet R2: 2013 requirements

  • ​Lower your risk of Environmental fines

  • Track and record import/export and other legal requirements

  • ISO and OHSAS programs will encourage continual improvement


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