Reducing repeated costs

Recycled materials often have fewer and lower transportation and refinement costs. Costs having to do with the disposal of other materials are eliminated. Recycled materials will often cost less than the standard, or virgin, materials making it economical and eco-friendly!

Better materials properties

Many reused and recycled materials have fewer performance issues than materials they replace, or will often bring extra benefits. Slag cement is more reflective than other cementitious materials. Lighter color concrete absorbs less heat, helping minimize the heat island effect.

Reduced land filling

Reusing industrial by-products means there is less need for additional landfill space. New landfill space can be expensive and will often involve a long and arduous permitting process which our environmental engineering consultants can help with!


Reducing Greenhouse gas emissions and energy consumption

recycled or reused materials can help to reduce Virgin materials that require energy intensive mining operations and often very energy intensive manufacturing and refinement. For example, coal fly ash can be used to replace 20 percent or greater amounts of Portland cement in concrete. In addition, using local materials reduces transportation emissions, while in-place recycling can help conserve resources, costs and reduce the carbon footprint.

COnservation of non-renewable resources

Lime, gypsum, and aggregate are examples of mined materials which can be substituted with various recycled materials. New mines destroy green fields and impact wildlife habitat.

Green Systems Integration

As carbon emissions regulations get more stringent, new "green" technologies can be a huge help in avoiding fines as well as being a positive influence on the environment. TEAM's consultants are well versed all of the latest eco-friendly technology, and will help you reduce carbon emissions (and thus your carbon footprint) so that your business stays fine free and environmentally friendly.

Waste to energy studies

Waste to energy studies involve exactly what you might think; turning waste into energy! With our contacts in this business, we can turn your off-spec product waste and BOD streams into a form of usable energy such as methane to power generators, putting power back on the grid and earning you money. To see how you can be a part of this fast growing and extremely eco-friendly sector, give TEAM's environmental engineering consultants a call today!

Environmental engineering 

You name it, we can do it

Efficiency studies


Looking for ways to reduce overhead, your electric bill, or even the amount of time spent on tedious work? As one of the top environmental consulting firms in the area TEAM will do a full inspection of your facility and highlight areas where improvements can be made so that your business is running faster, more profitably, and as a result more efficiently. From scanning your building with infrared scanners to see where you are losing heat to replacing your lighting with more energy efficient lights, let TEAM help you find the most profitable solution to making your business as efficient as possible.

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