TEAM Consulting, Inc.

10 hour and 30 hour OSHA training

Keeping you safe

   TEAM Consulting Inc. provides 10-hour/30-hour OSHA Training. Through this program, workers can attend 10-hour or 30-hour classes delivered by OSHA-authorized trainers. The 10-hour class is intended for entry level workers, while the 30-hour class is more appropriate for supervisors or workers with some safety responsibility. Through this training, OSHA helps to ensure that workers are more knowledgeable about workplace hazards and their rights, and contribute to our nation's productivity.

Program Benefits:

  • Promotes safety culture through peer training.

  • Training is intended to be participatory, using hands-on activities.

  • Trainers are able to tailor the training topics based on specific needs of their audience.

  • Outreach training content includes hazard recognition and avoidance, workers' rights, employer responsibilities, and how to file a complaint; it emphasizes the value of safety and health to workers, including young workers.